Friday, February 08, 2008

Parcel Woes

Back in early January I had a little online stash shopping spree - I ordered a couple of Sampler Cove charts from European XS, some silks from HDF, both in the US, some Gloriana silks from West End Embroidery and Sew & So, both in the UK and a LHN chart and the Crescent Colours threads required to stitch it also from Sew & So. Plus I requested one of my Rainbow Club FOTM from CountryStitch (in New Zealand) to be a certain colour on a higher count with one of the SC samplers in mind.

The silks from West End Embroidery and HDF were here within a week. The charts from European XS turned up a few days later and then my fabric from CountryStitch arrived. I've since ordered another lot of silks from HDF and have received them. Various mail from my mum in Australia has come in. Can you see where I'm going with this? Yep, not one item from Sew & So has arrived - I find this incredibly bizarre because their service is top-notch and I have always received mail from them no later than 7 days after ordering. In fact, all our mail is received fairly quickly. Thankfully, Sew & So had sent the first parcel by recorded airmail so it had a tracking number. Using that tracking number on the Royal Mail website, I discover that the parcel has been handed over to the UAE postal system for delivery.

I emailed customer service at Emirates Post (easier than trying to ring them in my book) and asked them if they could locate the parcel for me. A very prompt and helpful reply came back saying that the parcel had been received by them on 11 Jan but it had been addressed to the incorrect PO Box number! I was advised to bring the tracking number and photo ID and come in to collect it from the Dubai Central Post Office in Karama.

Oh. boy.

I'm sure I've blogged in the past about my incredible directional/navigational skills or rather the lack thereof, so you can understand why I was less than thrilled at the prospect of driving into Bur Dubai. You would think after almost three years of living here I would have it down pat but the truth is I very rarely if ever go into the city and of course, the roads are continually changing! Anyway, after conferring with DH the best route to go, I set off yesterday morning and made it into the Post Office. I missed one turn but got back on track fairly easily. I even managed to find a park in the chaos of the PO carpark!

Remembering that the main entrance is actually at the back of the building, I walk in to find that they've "automated" things with a ticket "machine" - a man sitting behind a desk at the front entrance with a ticket dispenser :) After telling him my purpose for being there (with the help of a kindly security guard - the "machine" had some difficulty in understanding that I wanted to collect a parcel not send one!), waiting for my number to be called and then being referred to three different counters, I eventually walk out with parcel in hand. Hooray! I now have my threads to start Sampler Cove's Spanish Rouge Sampler!!

I did ask about the other two parcels I'm waiting on while at the PO but unfortunately, they couldn't be located. I can only assume that they were addressed incorrectly as well and therefore lost. They were sent normal international airmail not recorded so therefore no tracking number. I have emailed Sew & So to let them know and I'm sure all will be sorted. I'll keep you updated :)


Mary said...

Wow! Thats sounds like quite an ordeal to retrieve a package! At least you were able to locate it and now can start your new project. Good luck on getting the rest of your orders. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your stitching! Have a great week.

Melissa said...

Spanish Rouge is on my list to buy. Are you going to stitch it with the AVAS or did you swap out NPI silks? It's a gorgeous design.

Michelle said...

Wow - what an adventure! I am so glad you have your threads to start Spanish Rouge now - such a beautiful piece!

Hala said...

Mel , i live in Abu Dhabi and i had problems with Sew and so during the month of Decembre , lost 3 times a i stopped buying from them until there problem with the postal service was ok...I have realised they are not sending anymore their parcels as "signed for" and this is creating a bit of depair for us..