Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ta da!

Shepherd's Bush Beekeeper's Cottage.  Copyright Tina Richards Herman 1996

Stitched with silks and fabric supplied in kit.
Completed 18 February 2008.

It was the HAED BB HAEDless Stitching Sampler SAL this past weekend and I managed to finish this last night. The lighting wasn't conducive to a decent photo so I had to wait until this morning to grab one :)

I started this a long time ago and I put it away because I think I was struggling with the instructions and some of the stitches. I was fairly new to linen and specialty stitches back then :) I've had a bit more experience with specialty stitches and linen since those early days so this time around it was quite a quick stitch :)

Next up is my Wiehenburg Quaker Mystery SAL piece. The actual SAL started at Christmas last year but I didn't join up until mid January. It took me a couple of weeks to decide on fabric and thread so it wasn't until late January that I finally started it.

Wiehenburg Quaker Mystery 2008 SAL

I am using a HDF (Vikki Clayton) silk Gandy Dancer 1113 which is a really nice rust red on CountryStitch Kiwi Illusions "Daffodil" 28 count Jubilee. I'm stitching it over one because the piece of 40 count linen I had wasn't quite big enough to stitch it over two.

Close-up of one of the medallions

The silk is a "solid" colour but you can just see a very subtle variation :)

My replacement parcel from Sew & So arrived on Sunday (yay!) - five days from when they posted it. No sign of the original ones and I don't expect to see them. One thing I know is if I'd received a parcel or two in my mail box with someone else's name on it (even if it had the correct PO Box number) then I'd (a) either send it back myself, or (b) take it in the post office for them to return to sender.

Anyway, one of the goodies contained in my parcel was this ...

Little House Needleworks Princess and the P - chart, threads and fabric CountryStitch Kiwi Illusions in Hokey Pokey

Actually, it was just the chart and threads needed to stitch it. I went for a stroll through my fabric stash late last night and pulled out a piece of Kiwi Illusions "Hokey Pokey" 32 count lugana by CountryStitch (link in my sidebar) which I thought might work. What do you think?

Also, while I was rummaging through my stash I came across this ...

Love Tree Over One Ornament.  Copyright M Designs 2004.

I think I stitched this up in 2005 or perhaps 2006!! All it needs is a smattering of beads and then to finish-finish it and it is done! I just need to decide on what colour beads and then find something to attach to the top of the tree. It is supposed to have a Mill Hill treasure but I have a box full of beads in which I'm sure I can find something suitable. I don't have any suitable backing fabric either but I think I will have enough of the fabric I stitched it on to use as backing. That way I can personalise it ... mmmm, thinking, thinking :)

I found a few other lost treasures whilst visiting my stash last night but as this post is already picture heavy as well as being long enough I will leave those to another time :)

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and leaving comments. I appreciate them all :)


Ceels said...

I love that Christmas tree, you have inspired me to spend the evening stitching.


cathymk said...

Goodness Mel, what a feast for the eyes! Your quaker is looking beautiful! Love the Beekeeper's cottage - just gorgeous. Your love tree is lovely too - looking forward to seeing it all finished up. Looks like you had a wonderful stitchy weekend!

cathymk said...

Oh and I forgot to say - I think the hokey pokey will be just perfect for that piece.

Mary said...

Love the bee sampler and LOVE. The beads will add just the perfect touch! The quaker stitching is lovely---is that with 1 strand of silk over 1? I think the fabric for the Princess will look great with the fiber colors.

Katrina said...

Everything is very pretty! That is one of my favorite SB pieces.

Jenn said...

Congrats on the finish!

Sally said...

What a gorgeous Mel! It's beautiful.

Love your Wiehenburg Quaker Mystery. The colour is lovely ( but I'm a sucker for red!).

So pleased your replacement order arrived. The fabric you picked out looks perfect.

Jennifer said...

Over 1 on 40? Impressive!!!

I can't wait to see Princess and the Pea. It's a fun stitch and mine stitched up really quick. You'll enjoy doing it.

Nicki said...

Gosh - two SALs and two finishes! You're doing so well :) Love the Mystery Quaker pics as well - gorgeous colours. And i think the Hokey Pokey will work well too!

Kim said...

Beekeeper's Cottage turned out great! Congratulations on the awesome finish :)

I love Shepherd's Bush pieces--I used to live 20 minutes from their shop and I loved going there and looking at all the models.

Wiehenburg Quaker is coming along nicely too. That silk looks fantastic(I'm so partial to reds).

I can't wait to see the finished Tree.

Happy stitching!

Sharon said...

Congrats on your beautiful finish!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your finish Mel,
Looks awesome!

Great colours choice (again) for Wiehenburg Quaker :)

tkdchick said...

Wow Mel! You've gotten a lot done! I actually leave the beads off on those word trees.

Ally said...

I'm glad you got the replacement parcel, Sew and So have the best customer service, I think - I really rely on them, as here in Cyprus there are no LNS ....... love your Bee sampler and your colour choice for the Wiehenburg also

Barbara said...

Gorgeous stitching Mel!

Laura said...

The Beekeeper's Sampler is beautiful. Congratulations on the finish. I think your Princess and the Pea start will be adorable. I'll eagerly await some pics.

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your finish! Your mystery sampler is looking fabulous - love the thread you've chosen. And YAY! Your package came fast!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Beekeeper's Cottage is gorgeous, well done. Your mystery quaker is looking great, I love your colour choice.

Heather said...

Hi Mel, would one of the two tone hearts I have in my multiply (I'd email you a photo, but My Pictures freezes up when I try to upload photos at the moment) work at the top?

I know I didn't invoice you for the others, I'm naughty, but they're on their way to you and I can send a heart in the next couple of days if you'd like it.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Mel, Love your sampler finish and the sweet little pink tree! I'm a big pink fan! :] Good stashing, too. I've kitted up my Wiehenburg Sampler and am waiting for time to ease up so I can start it. Yours looks great in the VC red silk!